Tezos delegation service

Our address is: tz1YQCVjyfVwtiPCDPR8JP4TA9G9H5Y3dkup


You can check us on Tzscan, by clicking below

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You hold and delegate your XTZ tokens in your wallet.


Automated reward payments. Receive 90% of your reward.


Enter our tz1 address and start delegating. No sign-up

Start delegating. today


1. You are gonna need a wallet with balance.
2. In your wallet create KT address. 
3. Send funds on your KT address.
4. Delegate to us by entering our address for delegate.

Baking from 128 cycle
Fees (in %)

How to Delegate Tezos using Tezbox

1. Log in to your Tezbox account.

2. Click Add Account (small fee incurs 0.25XTZ). This will create a KT1 account for delegating.

3. Transfer your XTZ from your tz1 account to the KT1 address.

4. Go to your KT1 address and click Delegate (be careful here to not click Send, you want to Delegate not Send). Select Custom from the Delegate options and then input  tz1YQCVjyfVwtiPCDPR8JP4TA9G9H5Y3dkup

Click Update Delegate. Now you are delegating. 🙂

Reward payout sistem

Delegation rewards are payed every cycle. For example:
Cycle 1: You delagete to us.
Cycle 8: The Tezos Blockchain assigns your delegation rights to baker.
Cycle 14: Rewards from cycle 8 unfrozen & received.
Cycle 15: You are getting paid.

Any question? 

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